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Instead of starting from scratch and deal with the hard work to pull a software up like this, simply go with our turnkey and ready to go solution.

Target anywhere

Dont just focus on local business since the online gambling industry is globally attractive. Target any place in the world either with real money or crypto currency.

Open sourcecode

The system is totally unencrypted, every piece of live incuding the actual games are fully open sourcecode, you can put your wn logo and colors on the games, webbstite and set your own touch and rules.

Earn income

All money earned is yours to keep, simple as that. We take no percentage or monthly fees after purchase so you can focus on your own business without have to worry about costly running fees.

Select your setup and start now

Probaly there is no faster and simplier setup available online, just select the setup you want to go with by browsing our shop section, fill out your credentials and filanise the purchase and from this time yourw setup will be online within 48 hours as long as you have hosting and domain ready.

Set your own rules

Since you will have all the power within the system you can set the winning rates and occurence, meaning how often and how much a player can win at any time is up for you to decide and this makes the setup brilliant for new startups not risking any bankrupcy directly in the start.

Have a look at our demo, signup and try it!

The entire system is fully mobile respinsive so you can target people from all over the world to use their native methods of gambling options to play with. In Europe its extremely popular to play directly in your smartphone while other countries are more traditional and prefer the laptop, either way - our software are well prepared for all devices.<br /> If you want, you donĀ“t need to buy the full package directly, simply select the option that suits you at the moment and at any time you prefer you can upgrade with more games and features just by getting in touch with us again and we help ypu out.


The Online Bingo script does not only contain bingo, we also included Keno, slots and virtual games for your players to have a variety of games to choose from and for your business to be more successful online.

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