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  • Japanese J-League
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  • Slovakian Cup
  • Swiss Challenge League
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  • Ecuadorian Serie A
  • Uruguayan Primera
  • Polish 2 Liga
  • Belarusian Vysshaya Liga
  • Chinese Super League
  • Estonian Meistriliiga
  • Japanese J-League 2
  • Peruvian Primera
  • Russian liision 1
  • S. Korean K-League
  • Europa League
  • Brazilian Serie B
  • Chilean Primera
  • Czech 2. Liga
  • Colombian Primera A
  • Paraguayan Primera
  • Costa Rican Primera liision
  • Serbian Super Liga
  • Norwegian li. 2 Avd. 2
  • Swedish li. 1 Norra
  • Swedish li. 1 Södra
  • Mexican Liga Ascenso
  • Slovakian 2. Liga
  • Indonesian Liga 1
  • Kazakhstan Pr. League
  • Bolivian Profesional Liga
  • Chilean Primera B
  • Russian liision 2 Ural
  • S. Korean K-League Challenge
  • Thai Premier League
  • German Regionall. Bavaria
  • Colombian Primera B
  • Norwegian li. 3 Avd. 4
  • Norwegian li. 3 Avd. 5
  • Norwegian li. 3 Avd. 6
  • UEFA Nations League
  • Latvian Virsliga
  • Bosnian Premijer Liga
  • Italian Cup
  • Russian Cup
  • French Cup
  • Croatian 1. HNL
  • French League Cup
  • Venezuelan Primera
  • Spanish Liga Segunda
  • Argentina Primera
  • Italian Serie B
  • Scottish FA Cup
  • Russian liision 2 West
  • German 3. Liga
  • Copa Sudamericana
  • Aus. FFA Cup
  • Austrian 1st liision
  • Russian liision 2 Center
  • Russian liision 2 South
  • German Regionall. North
  • German Regionall. Southwest
  • German Regionall. West
  • German Regionall. Northeast
  • Austrian Regionalliga
  • Russian Youth League
  • Copa do Brasil
  • Iranian Pro League
  • Swe. li. 2 Norra Svealand
  • Swe. li. 2 Södra Svealand
  • Egyptian Pr. League
  • Swe. li. 2 Västra Götaland
  • English National League
  • S. African Pr. League
  • French National
  • Scottish League 1
  • Scottish League 2
  • Belgian First liision B
  • Romanian Liga 2
  • Qatari Stars League
  • N. Irish Premiership
  • Montenegrin 1. CFL
  • Lithuanian A Lyga
  • Swe. li. 2 Norra Götaland
  • Swe. li. 2 Norrland
  • Argentinian Primera
  • Scottish Championship
  • Czech MSFL
  • S. Korean WK-League W.
  • Norwegian li. 2 Avd. 1
  • Norwegian li. 3 Avd. 2
  • Turkish Lig 1
  • Port. Segunda Liga
  • Welsh Premier League
  • Friendly Internationals
  • Algerian Ligue 1
  • Czech Liga U19
  • Algerian Ligue 2
  • English Isthmian Premier
  • Azerbaijani Premyer Liqasi
  • Norwegian li. 3 Avd. 1
  • Norwegian li. 3 Avd. 3
  • Turkish Lig 1 U21
  • Turkish Super Lig U21
  • Dutch Eerste liisie
  • Gibraltar Premier liision
  • Colombian Copa
  • Tunisian Ligue 1
  • Argentinian Primera B Metro
  • Maltese Pr. League
  • Israeli Liga Leumit
  • Greek Superleague
  • Croatian 2. HNL
  • Argentinian Primera B Nacional
  • Cypriot liision 1
  • Kuwaiti Premier League
  • UAE Premier League
  • World Cup Euro Q. W.
  • Saudi Arabian Pro League
  • Hong Kong Premier League
  • Japanese League Cup
  • Friendly Intls. W.
  • Euro U19 Qual. W.
  • Moroccan Cup
  • Spanish Seg. B Gr.2
  • Spanish Seg. B Gr.3
  • Spanish Seg. B Gr.4
  • Italian Serie C Girone A
  • Portuguese League U23
  • Italian Serie C Girone C
  • Italian Serie C Girone B
  • Bahraini Pr. League
  • Indian Super League
  • Terms & Conditions

    1. Redodds.com DO NOT accept any customer under the age of 21.

    2. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure details of their bets are correct. Once bets have been placed and their acceptance confirmed they may not be cancelled or changed.

    3. Bets must be made online at the web site. No postal, fax, e-mail or telex bets are accepted and if received will be made void, win or lose.

    4. All odds are subject to variation and become fixed only at the time of bet acceptance. However, despite every effort to ensure complete accuracy, Redodds.com cannot be held responsible for any typing, human or palpable error which leads to any errors or omissions, including the announcing, publishing or marking of odds or results, other than those intended, or bets being accepted which contravene Redodds.com´s rules. In cases where a bet has been accepted at an incorrect price, Redodds.com reserves the right to void the bet.

    5. Management at Redodds.com reserves the right to suspend markets at any time. When a market is suspended any bets placed will be rejected. Redodds.com also reserves the right to cease betting on any market at any time without notice.

    6. Bets are not guaranteed unless a final transaction screen is seen. If in doubt, customers should review their open bets listed on their account. When a bet is placed and accepted the relevant amount is charged against the customer´s account regardless when the result is determined.

    7. All bets will be deemed final, once a member has received their final confirmation. This confirmation will inform the member that their wager has been placed and will also serve as a receipt in case the member wishes to claim a discrepancy within the allotted 24 hour time period.

    8. All odds displayed are for information only and do not constitute offers from Redodds.com to accepts any bet at those or any other odds. Redodds.com also reserves the right to refuse any bet or part of a bet at any time in its absolute discretion without giving any reason for doing so.

    9. Redodds.com reserves the right to void any or all bets made by any person or group of persons acting in an attempt to defraud Redodds.com. Where evidence exists of rigging, or of some other act which has unfairly affected the result, or where there is evidence of a series of bets each containing the same selection(s) having been placed by or for the same individual or syndicate of individuals, Redodds.com reserves the right to make bets void or withhold payment of returns pending the outcome of any subsequent investigation.

    10. All times stated on the web site and/or referred to by Redodds.com staff are as accurate as possible, however it is the responsibility of the player to ensure the time is accurate. Redodds.com does not take any responsibility for errors in time of events whatever the reason. Any bet accepted, in error, after the start of an event will be void, win or lose.

    11. All sporting events must be played on the date scheduled unless otherwise specified. If an event is postponed and/or rescheduled, that event will automatically constitute "NO ACTION" unless otherwise stated. "NO ACTION" means all monies for that event will be refunded. 

    12. Redodds.com does not accept any credit/debit cards of any kind or any other online payment solution. Redodds.com "ONLY" provides "CREDIT LINE" to customers that customers can use to bet with. The value of given CREDIT is the same as real money at Redodds.com. Payments from customers will then be carried out to Redodds.com thru an invoice and a representative company if customer´s balance is negative. For more information, please read the section, "Pay By Credit" and the agreements when applying for credit line.

    13. Redodds.com uses an internal risk model to extract relevant information about the customer when the credit line is being offered. Redodds.com "DO NOT" run any "EXTERNAL CREDIT CHECK", the credit line offered to customers is solely based upon Redodds.com´s own risk profiling model.

    14 All winnings will be credited to the customer´s account. Any funds/winnings credited to an account in error are not available for use and Redodds.com reserves the right to void any transaction involving such funds either at the time it happened or in retrospect. 

    15. All winnings that are not subject to any error or investigation of any kind may be processed by the customer at any time and be requested to be paid out to the customer´s bank account. Such request from the customer should be carried out by Redodds.com as soon as possible after a request of withdrawal officially has been filed.  

    16. Redodds.com shall in no circumstances be liable for any damages or losses which are deemed or alleged to have arisen out of or in connection with Redodds.com´s website or its content; including without limitation, delays or interruptions in operation or transmission, loss or corruption of data, communication or lines failure, any person´s misuse of the site or its content or any other errors or omissions in content.  

    17. Bets are processed in the order they are received.

    18. If any sums are mistakenly credited to your account, through either an error on the part of Redodds.com or yourself, it "SHALL BE" up to you to point this out. Failure to do so will "VOID" any subsequent wins caused by this error, either directly or indirectly. In such an event, Redodds.com reserves the right to take the necessary action to ensure that both parties are returned to the same position financially as that held immediately prior to the error being made.

    19. All live wagering bets are subject to a cancellation period for "game changing events". If such an event should happen, Redodds.com reserves the right to cancel all wagers placed within the buffer period.

    20. In all "LIVE ACTION" betting wagering is based upon regulation time only for sides and totals not including overtime unless otherwise stated in the wager details.

    21. In the interests of both our customers and Redodds.com, please note that "ALL TELEPHONE CALLS" will be recorded on security tapes.  

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